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Entry Fees

        -   Adults (5km, 10.5km, 15km) $45

        -   5km Flyer  (1 Adult & 1 Child) $45

        -   Youth (17 and under) $10


Pre - Registered Entrants

All entrants will need to collect race packs with bibs from the school on the morning of the event.  We will no longer be able to have these pre-collected.  We need to keep everyone at our events safe and it is important we know who is out on the course - we can track this based on the bibs collected on the morning of the event.

You will need to report to the school hall which is clearly marked on the day to collect your race pack from the appropriate table between 8 and 9am.

On Day Entries/Registration

Available between 8-9am in Room 7 - Check On The Day Registrations signage


 Please come well before 9am to give yourself time to complete the required paperwork before entries close. 

Race Rules

  • Entries are not transferable.

  • You must wear your race number on your chest

  • Footwear must be worn at all times on the course

  • Follow course as explained at race brief.

  • Obey directions of course officials at all times.

  • Keep to the left of the road unless otherwise directed.

  • If participants choose to wear i-pods or any other kind of earphones we can not accept any responsibility for any accidents caused by them.

  • Respect the land - the majority is private property. Please take all rubbish with you.

  • Walkers give way to runners

Event Safety

Participants must adhere to safety rules and event instructions.


Please note, no dogs and no bikes are allowed on the course.


The 5km flyer and 10.5km course are suitable for mountain buggies but the 15km is not.


All participants must attend the event briefing which will take place in the Seddon School grounds 15 minutes before their race start time.

Race Day Programme - SUNDAY 20 AUGUST

8am On the Day entries and registrations open

9.00am Registrations Close 

9.00am 15km Walk Briefing

9.15am 15km Walk Start

9.45am Race Briefing

10am  15km start

10.10am  1/4 Marathon & 5km start

12.30pm Prize Giving

The Finish and Prize Giving 

Prize-giving will commence at 12.30 pm. Where possible we will endeavour to wait until all participants are in.

You must be present to be eligible for any of the huge selection of spot prizes.


Thanks again to our wonderfully generous sponsors - please check them out on the sponsors page and try to support them as they do such a great job helping our school.


The course ends back at Seddon School where you can have lunch and enjoy live entertainment. Food,  coffee and other non-alcoholic beverages will be available to purchase. There will also be a range of silent auctions and raffles available. 

EFTPOS will be available onsite from 8am.  We do have a cash out service to allow you to purchase food, raffles etc.


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